Welcome to TakasNet Clearing and Settlement System operated by Garanti Ödeme Sistemleri A.Ş.


TakasNet Clearing and Settlement System is a system handling and managing the flow of authorization and clearing for deals effected in merchants linked to the participant banks by using cards issued by the participant banks operating in Turkey.

TakasNet Clearing and Settlement System is being operated by Garanti Ödeme Sistemleri A.Ş. under supervision and control of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey within the frame of the Law on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions no. 6493.

Its operating license has become effective upon promulgation in the Official Gazette edition 29391 on 19.06.2015.

Transactions and services covered by the fields of activity of TakasNet are as listed below:

Core Transactions

  • * Sales & Refunds
  • * Chargeback
  • * Clearing & Settlement

Optional Transactions

  • * Credit Card Payments
  • * PIN Management
  • * Joint Card Management


For being eligible to participate in the system, the following administrative and technical requirements are required to be fulfilled in the order shown hereinbelow, and the security deposit cited herein is required to be deposited:

Administrative Conditions

A Takasnet System Participation Agreement is needed to be signed by and between Gösaş on one side and System Participant on the other side.

Technical Conditions

Once the technical conditions envisaged for use of TakasNet system are satisfied, the certification process is initiated. Upon successful completion of this process, the Participant is deemed to have satisfied the technical conditions.


If it is deemed necessary, it is necessary to deposit a collateral calculated according to the determined rules.

Initiation of Transmission of Deals to TakasNet System

Having satisfied all administrative, technical and security deposit conditions, the Participant should file a written application to Gösaş informing the latter of the date of its activation no later than one week prior to its scheduled starting date of use of TakasNet System.

Thereupon, Gösaş circulates to other Participants the information received at the time of application, together with the date of initiation of transmission of deals by that specific Participant to TakasNet System, and identifies that Participant in its System.

As of the date of activation stated in the circular sent by Gösaş to other Participants, that specific TakasNet Member is accepted as a Participant to the System.

Please click to have access to detailed system participation rules.


Transmission / Receipt of Clearing Files

Files prepared and transmitted by Participants themselves in a secure environment are processed by TakasNet. After the files are processed, the files showing whether the relevant Participant owes / is owed any money by application of master netting arrangement are then sent to each Participant again by TakasNet via secure environment.


As a result of netting arrangement, the relevant money are collected from the debtor Participants and paid to the creditor Participants by TakasNet. Settlement processes are carried out on daily basis.


General information about the banks involved in this platform is given in the following sections in the

order of participation in the platform:

Garanti: Pre-eminent Banking Franchise

Established in 1946, Garanti Bank is Turkey's second largest private bank with consolidated assets of approximately TL 400 billion (USD 75.7 billion) as of December 31, 2018.

Garanti is an integrated financial services group operating in every segment of the banking sector including corporate, commercial, SME, payment systems, retail, private and investment banking together with its subsidiaries in pension and life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management, besides international subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Romania.

As of December 31, 2018, Garanti provides a wide range of financial services to its more than 16 million customers with over 18 thousand employees through an extensive distribution network of 926 domestic branches, 7 foreign branches in Cyprus and one in Malta, and two international representative offices* in Düsseldorf and Shanghai. Garanti offers an omni-channel convenience with seamless experience across all channels with 5,258 ATMs, an award winning Call Center, internet, mobile and social banking platforms, all built on cutting-edge technological infrastructure.

Moving forward to maintain sustainable growth by creating value for all its stakeholders, Garanti builds its strategy on the principles of always approaching its customers in a "transparent", "clear" and "responsible" manner, improving customer experience continuously by offering products and services that are tailored to their needs. Its competent and dynamic human resources, uninterrupted investments in technology, innovative products and services offered with strict adherence to quality and customer satisfaction carry Garanti to a leading position in the Turkish banking sector.

Implementing an advanced corporate governance model that promotes the Bank's core values, Garanti has Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. (BBVA) as its majority shareholder with 49.85% share. Its shares publicly traded in Turkey, and its depositary receipts in the UK and the USA, Garanti has an actual free float of 50.07% in Borsa Istanbul as of December 31, 2018.

Garanti's constantly improving business model is driven by its strategic priorities focused on responsible and sustainable development, customer experience, employee happiness, digitalization, optimal capital utilization and efficiency. Its custom-tailored solutions and wide product variety play a key role in reaching TL 311.2 billion (USD 59.0 billion) loans and non-cash loans. Garanti's capital generative, disciplined and sustainable growth strategy that strictly adheres to solid asset quality enables the Bank to move forward strongly. Its effective risk management through world-class integrated management of financial and non-financial risks and organizational agility in capturing new opportunities result in sustainable value creation for all its stakeholders.

Moreover, Garanti creates shared value and drives positive change through lending based on impact investment, as well as strategic partnerships and community programs focusing on material issues for both Garanti and its stakeholders.

From a single bank to a large financial services group

The roots of DenizBank Financial services Group go back to 1997 when DenizBank was acquired by Zorlu Holding from the Privatization Administration as a banking license. The bank was further acquired in October 2006 by Dexia, a leading financial group in Europe. Having operated under Dexia umbrella for 6 years, DenizBank continues its activites under the roof of Sberbank as from 28 September 2012, the biggest bank in Russia. As of July 1st, 2013; Consumer Banking portfolio of Citi Turkey with more than 600 thousand customers and nearly 1400 employees were transferred to DenizBank.

Following privatization in 1997, parallel to its new corporate identity, the bank implemented a "revitalization" program that encompassed recruitments and new branch openings. These initiatives were undertaken in line with a five-year strategic plan; subsequently, all objectives in the plan were accomplished. This growth was supported by the acquisition of some of the branches that were transferred to the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund and the acquisition of Tarişbank by the Group at the end of 2002. In order to complement its existing banking products and services, DenizBank also acquired factoring, leasing, investment and asset management companies as well as banks in Austria and Russia. Thanks to the support of its solid capital base and financial strength as well as its innovative approach and agile way of working, DenizBank reinforced its existing market position in a very short time.

All contemporary financial services under one roof

In addition to DenizBank, DenizBank Financial Services Group ("the Group") consists of five domestic, three international financial subsidiaries, six domestic non-financial subsidiaries, and a branch in Bahrain. Deniz Investment Securities, Deniz Real Estate Investment Trust, DenizPortfolio Management, DenizLeasing, DenizFactoring, Intertech, DenizKültür, Ekspres Bilgi İşlem ve Ticaret, Deniz Kartlı Ödeme Sistemleri, Açık Deniz Radyo-TV and Bantaş are the group's domestic subsidiaries while Eurodeniz, DenizBank AG and DenizBank Moscow are its international subsidiaries.

The primary segments the Group focuses on are retail customers, small and medium-size enterprises, exporters, public and project finance and commercial and corporate clients. The Group also operates in niche markets such as agriculture, energy, tourism, education, healthcare services, infrastructure and maritime. The Group operates in European Union countries through its Vienna-based subsidiary DenizBank AG. CJSC DenizBank Moscow provides services to customers engaged in commerce with Russia and serves a variety of their financial requirements.

DenizBank Financial Services Group consolidated its operations along with financial control and accounting functions at the head office and transformed DenizBank branches into marketing centers, allowing the Bank to keep the number of employees at the optimum level while increasing operational efficiency.

The Group possesses a service network that reaches all segments of the society throughout Turkey. In addition to the 711 domestic DenizBank branches, including one in Bahrain, DenizBank AG have 43 branches in total. In addition, thanks to its Alternative Distribution Channels, DenizBank enables both individual and corporate customers all over the world to carry out financial transactions over the internet.

Denizbank has been in Takasnet System since 2002.

One of Turkey's oldest and most deeply-rooted financial institutions, Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) commenced banking operations in 1927. Since then the bank has continued to expand its branch network and product and service diversity. Today TEB is active in a variety of financial intermediary services that include investment banking, leasing, factoring, insurance, and portfolio management.

As a pioneering advocate of banking-industry business principles such as professional management, transparency, and ethical behavior in Turkey, TEB conducts its operations in full compliance with the corporate governance principles published by the Turkish Capital Markets Board.

On 10 February 2005, TEB entered into a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, a global bank which has a presence in 74 countries and which today is the world's seventh-biggest asset manager and the euro area's number one bank. Under this strategic partnership, in which the strengths of one of the Turkish finance industry's strongest and most reputable brands and those of a global player's international experience and clout are united, BNP Paribas owns stakes in TEB Investment, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, TEB Factoring, TEB Asset Management, and TEB Kosovo.

One of Europe's leading banks thanks to its international network, BNP Paribas plays an active role not just in banking but also in the asset management and corporate investment business lines as well. The specific goals of the TEB-BNP Paribas strategic partnership are (1) to enhance TEB's strength as a domestic bank while also making BNP Paribas's international knowledge and experience and its services and products accessible to a wider audience and (2) to gain international market recognition for the TEB brand.

An important benefit of TEB's collaboration with BNP Paribas and of the international recognition that it brings arises from TEB's inclusion in BNP Paribas's network of trade centers at more than 100 locations in 60 countries. Located in İstanbul, İzmir, and Adana, the three Trade Centers in Turkey provide consultancy and banking support on foreign-trade issues while also helping customers to pursue international business opportunities. Under the TEB-BNP Paribas strategic partnership, TEB has begun to set up "Turkey Desks" in countries where Turkish contractors and other businesses have substantial operations on the one hand and BNP Paribas has a strong presence on the other.

In the wake of its strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, TEB began making good use of its decades of expertise in the corporate, commercial, and private banking business lines in the areas of retail banking and SME banking as well.

Seeking to create more value for all of its stakeholders by focusing not just on financial growth but on improvements in efficiency and productivity as well, TEB engages in a broad spectrum of projects ranging from SMEs to women-owned businesses, from financial literacy to startup businesses, and from innovation to sport. By doing so, TEB continues to create value for both its own brand and for Turkey as a whole.

Şekerbank was established in Eskişehir on October 12, 1953 under the name of "Pancar Kooperatifleri Bankası A.Ş." to support local development, sustainable production and agricultural industry with the savings of hundreds of thousands of beet cooperative member farmers in Anatolia.

The bank has been renamed as Şekerbank when it moved to Ankara in 1956, and since 1993, it has turned out to a dynamic structure and taken great steps forward with its private bank status.

Headquarters of Şekerbank, the shares of which was offered to public in 1997 partially, moved to Istanbul in the year prise and agricultural banking, commercial/SME banking, corporate banking and retail banking, Şekerbank is regarded as the "key bank of Turkey" by the international financial institutions to reach its broad-based local customer profile thanks to its expertise in the abovementioned fields, energy efficiency investments, and the supports it offers to entrepreneurs.

Şekerbank, which understands the farmers, craftsmen and enterprises the best and offers solutions special to them through its branches 70 percent of which are located in Anatolia, distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to its accumulation of knowledge in local banking and widespread network of branches.

Şekerbank has 273 branches, 9 regional directorates across Turkey (2 in Istanbul, 7 in Anatolia) and 1 foreign representative; and most of its branches in 71 cities and 97 off-center districts have been serving in the same place, the same locality for almost half a century.

Şeker Yatırım, Şeker Factoring, Şeker Leasing, Şekerbank Kıbrıs Ltd., Şeker Finans and Şekerbank International Banking Unit Ltd. are some of the affiliates of Şekerbank, which serves its customers through sekerbank.com.tr, 0850 222 78 78 Call Center, ATM, mobile banking and social media accounts in addition to its branches.

Şekerbank has participated in TakasNet system in 2007.

ING Bank Turkey

ING Bank Turkey is a member Global Compact Turkey Sustainable Banking and Finance Work Group, TUSIAD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Work Group and Global Compact Turkey Women's Empowerment Work Group. In addition to being a signatory of UN Women's Empowerment Principles ING Bank Turkey supports UN's "HeForShe" program that invites women and men form every age group to advocate and represent change for women rights and gender equality across the society.

Offering services with more than 260 branches throughout the country ING Bank Turkey has embraced a banking strategy in line with Turkey's sustainable economic growth. In this context, the Bank primarily focuses on saving and innovation. Along with the product it offers to the market in line with its positioning to become the leading savings bank, ING Bank carries out its social responsibility program, Orange Drops, the one only saving-oriented financial literacy education addressing primary schoolchildren in Turkey. To date, the program has reached to 32,000 children from 250 schools across 7 provinces.

Meanwhile, aiming at standing among the leaders of new generation digital banking, ING Bank Turkey formulated its banking model as a bank that offers fast and easy financial solutions anytime and anywhere. With its slogan "New Wine in Old Bottles" ING Bank puts emphasis on its innovation-based banking vision.


ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering banking services through its operating company ING Bank. The purpose of ING Bank is empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. ING Bank's more than 51,000 employees offer retail and wholesale banking services to customers in over 40 countries.

ING Group shares are listed on the exchanges of Amsterdam (INGA AS, INGA.AS), Brussels and on the New York Stock Exchange (ADRs: ING US, ING.N).

Sustainability forms an integral part of ING's strategy, evidenced by ING's ranking as a leader in the banks industry group by Sustainalytics. ING Group shares are included in the FTSE4Good index and in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Europe and World), where ING is also among the leaders in the banks industry group.


Türkiye Finans Participation Bank is one of the well-established participation banks of Turkey that has been operating with its strong capital structure and vision since 2005, with the National Commercial Bank as its main shareholder owning 67.03% of its shares.

Türkiye Finans was established in 2005 when Family Finans, which was providing participation banking services under the name of Faisal Finans Kurumu between 1985-2001, and Anadolu Finans, that was founded in 1991 as the first private finance institution of Turkey with 100% domestic capital, joined their forces.

The bank attained a new and powerful corporate identity after this merger and has brought a new life into participation banking whose target group is ever expanding. In 2008, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) acquired the majority share of Türkiye Finans Participation Bank and the Bank entered into a period of transformation and development. The National Commercial Bank, the first and the largest bank of Saudi Arabia with investments in 5 countries, is the main shareholder with 67.03 percent stake of Türkiye Finans Participation Bank which is one of the leading players in the participation banking sector.

Türkiye Finans Participation Bank brings in Turkey the experience and know-how of NCB, which has been operating since 1953, and aims at facilitating banking operations for its customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction with its motto "Turkey's Finance".

Türkiye Finans has the mission of making its customers feel safe and accordingly take a new initiative in 2013 in order to implement changes and improvements in business processes with its Customer Experience and Multi-Channel Strategy Project. During this new period, the bank entered into a stronger track of growth by advancing its use of experience, new products, as well as technologies.

Successfully conducting its sustainable banking practices on the bases of "good banking" and "good corporate citizenship", Türkiye Finans Participation Bank provides innovative and high value-added products, services and solutions to its broad customer base in commercial/corporate banking, SME banking, and retail banking segments with its strong service platform that consists of effective alternative distribution channels.

Türkiye Finans? Participation Bank, "Turkey's Finance", grows at the centre of participation banking with its innovative products, making good use of technologies, and will continue to provide its services while growing stronger and maintaining its leadership position in the sector.

Offering its services in Corporate, Commercial and Affluent Banking segments to its customers with a seamless service approach through its expert human resources, Alternatif Bank aims to support the real economy and «grow together with its customers» by way of financing numerous projects that will create jobs and build infrastructure in the Turkish economy in the short term.

Alternatif Bank moves its corporate position forward with its identity, strategy, shareholding and management, and offers an integrated service with all its group subsidiaries through an effective service platform by using cutting edge technologies.

Alternatif Bank joined TakasNet in 2011, and started providing its customers with credit card services in 2012.

ICBC Turkey Bank A.Ş. (formerly named as Tekstil Bankası A.Ş.) was incorporated as a privately owned bank and authorized to accept deposits, on April 29th1986 and started its operations on October 13th1986.

Shares of the Bank have started publicly traded and listed on Borsa İstanbul (İstanbul Stock Exchange - BIST) as of May 23rd1990.

The Bank has grown until 2006 based on the banking strategy predominantly focusing on commercial and corporate banking. In 2006, the Bank restructured its retail banking organization and since then has started providing services in this area as well. The Bank has continued to meet the needs of its customers with boutique banking concept by closely following the developments in the banking sector, including the commercial-corporate banking, retail banking and the investment banking areas.

GSD Holding A.Ş. acquired 75.5% of the Tekstil Bankası A.Ş.'s shares and became the majority shareholder in 2007; and the remaining shares at 24.5% continued to publicly trade at the BIST.

In 2008, the Bank's share capital was increased from 300 million TL to 420 million TL; 60 million TL out of this incremental share capital was obtained from the internal sources and the remaining 60 million TL was paid in cash.

The Bank belonged to GSD Group until May 21st 2015. With its resolution dated April 2nd 2015 and numbered 6262, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (the BRSA) authorized the transfer of all of the shares owned by GSD Holding A.Ş. corresponding to 75.5% of the Tekstil Bankası A.Ş.'s shares, to Industrial Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), domiciled at the People's Republic of China. On April 28th 2015, the Bank made an announcement in the "Public Disclosure Platform" related to the transfer transaction and calling for an Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on May 22nd 2015 to resolve on the approval of the existing board of directors and reappoint the new ones to substitute them. May 22nd 2015 was determined to be the date on which the shares were to be transferred in accordance with the share purchase and sale agreement and the share transfer was realized on the same date. As of May 22nd 2015, the Bank was included in the group of foreign banks incorporated in Turkey.

Pursuant to the Article 11, related to the mandatory bid offer transactions, of the Communiqué on Mandatory Bid Offers issued by the Capital Markets Board, with Serial Number II. 26.1, ICBC became obligated to make a share purchase proposal to purchase the remaining shares belonging to the other shareholders as a result of its purchase of the shares owned by GSD Holding A.Ş. representing 75.5% of the share capital of Tekstil Bankası A.Ş. In this context, ICBC, the majority shareholder of the Bank, made a mandatory bid offer pursuant to the "Communiqué on Mandatory Bid Offers" with Serial II, No.26.1, which expired on August 14th 2015, as a result of which the shares of the Bank held by ICBC increased from 75.50% to 92.82%.

By the capital increase made in 2017, share capital of the Bank, which used to be 420 million TL, has been increased by an amount of 440 million TL in cash, to 860 million TL. As a result of the capital increase, shares hold by the major shareholder ICBC in the share capital of the Bank, has increased from 92.82% to 92.84%.

The trade name of our Bank has been changed from "Tekstil Bankası A.Ş." to "ICBC Turkey Bank A.Ş." pursuant to the general assembly resolution taken on November 5th 2015 and this matter was registered with the trade registry on November 13th 2015 and published in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette dated November 19th 2015 and numbered 8950.

Our Bank conducts its operations through its Head Office located in İstanbul and 44 branches nationwide. Aside from its branches, the Bank also provides banking services through its online retail and corporate branches.

On the other hand, capital markets and investment banking services out of the banking services, are provided by ICBC Turkey Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş., 99.998% of which is owned by the Bank.

Tekstil Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş., 100% of the share capital of which is held by ICBC Turkey Yatırım A.Ş., has been incorporated on the date of 21 April 2015 and by the resolution taken at the extraordinary general assembly meeting held on 05 November 2015, its trade name has been changed as "ICBC Turkey Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.". Main field of activities of the company is to establish and manage investment funds.

ICBC Turkey Bank A.Ş. participated in TakasNet system in 2012.

Fibabanka has been operating in Fiba Group since 11.05.2011. Fibabanka, which is offering services in Corporate, Commercial, SME, Individual & Private Banking and Agriculture Banking fields, has a total of 1.600 employees in 69 branches as of March 2019.

Being an affiliate of Fiba Group with its experience, knowledge and know-how in the banking sector, with its innovative, customer-oriented and fast service approach, 69 of the branches in Turkey, 30 of them are in Istanbul and the rest of the branches may be counted as Adana, Antalya, Aydin, Ankara, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Duzce, Eskişehir ,Gaziantep, İçel, İzmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Muğla, Şanlıurfa and Tekirdağ.

Fibabanka, which offers Corporate, Commercial, SME, Individual & Private Banking and Agriculture Banking services with more than 1,500 employees, has a total assets of TL 20.6 billion as of the end of 2018.

Fibabanka has participated in TakasNet system in 2013.